Saturday, 9 February 2013


Jennifer W. Karanja, President and Executive Director, CaCAI
Capped in few words, I am an aesthete. I love and appreciate arts and culture. My involvement in the entertainment industry attests to this. I am a gospel artist, TV actress and a photography model. For people to appreciate what I do, they must be happy. Sometimes happiness is hampered by factors extraneous to us. I am alive to this fact. 

The essence of a human being is humanity. With a humane heart, you can help those bereft of happiness get the almost elusive joy. I have taken cognizance of this noble fact. To achieve this end, I founded CLUBFOOT CORRECTION AND AWARENESS INITIATIVE.

I strive to help children born with Clubfoot as well as raise awareness on the same. This is my duty. I am duty-bound to do this. Why? Because I know what it is to be born clubfooted. My left leg was clubfooted when I was born. The condition was not detected early leading to poor treatments by inexperienced doctors. There is no doubt it was painful and the results were poor. 

My left leg remains weaker, cannot wear heeled shoes  or perform some fitness exercises. If my parents had the information I have today about clubfoot, things would definitely be different. I would have been treated in the right time, through the Ponseti Method, which is pain free, inexpensive and effective. All what am missing today would all be at my disposal. 

I am not alone in this. There are many people out there who missed the opportunity to correct clubfeet the right way. With this knowledge, I am out to ensure no one misses such an opportunity. I have joined hands with like- minded persons to spread all the relevant information about clubfoot to arm people well in case they encounter one.

I am also determined to show people who missed the correct medication that, the world is not over for them. They can still set and achieve goals. Dream and actualize dreams. I have done this personally. I am a gospel artist, a TV actress and a photography model. Everyone can as well. ALL IS WELL.

You are welcome to enable me make children born with clubfoot and their close relatives smile! With your support, no matter how small you feel it is, someday, the once clubfooted individuals will hold their chest close to their heart and say, ALL IS WELL WITH MY FEET!

Thank you and God bless you all.

Jennifer Wambui Karanja


  1. This is a really nice initiative, i'm a reporter and would like to do a story to raise awareness on the same, is there a doctor whose contacts you could give me i do an interview on the same?

  2. Thank you Diana I so much appreciate your encouraging comments.Yes I know of a doctor please give me your email address.Ours is Will give you more details from there. Thank you